You wouldn't show up somewhere important in dirty, stained clothes.

You shouldn't pull up in an unkempt car, either. If your vehicle needs to clean up its look, visit Rapid Clean Car Wash in Bozeman, MT. We'll run your car through the wash tunnel at our car wash, then spruce it up with top-notch exterior car cleaning services.

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Depend on us to handle every detail

When you choose Rapid Clean Car Wash in Bozeman, MT for exterior car detailing services, you can rest assured your vehicle is in expert hands. Our crew is trained to treat and care for vehicles of all makes and models. Our process includes:

  • Hand washing and towel drying
  • Tire cleaning and dressing
  • Plastic restoration
  • Paint and chrome treatment

Stop by our car wash today to arrange for professional detailing service. From tire cleaning to touch ups, we've got everything covered.

The Full Detail includes both the Exterior Detail and the Interior Detail.

Polish helps pull out the color but also helps with minor scratches and swirl marks. The wax step is to bring out a glossy final color to your vehicle but also protect your paint in the long run. $150.00

The head light reconditioning is a treatment that turns old yellow, foggy headlights to a clearer visual. The cleaning of the headlight helps the overall quality of the light visibility when it comes to being night time.

The engine bay is the most important/ complex part of your vehicle. It’s like the human brain but in your vehicle. That is why we take special care when it comes to the engine bay. We use heavy degreaser to remove any heavy built up grease and muck. The degreaser gets agitated with a cleaning brush on non-critical components of the engine to help clean it. We use very light pressure water to rinse off the engine. The underside of the hood is cleaned as well. $75.00

1 Headlight: $75.00,
Pair of Headlight: $150.00

$300 Exterior Detailing
$550 Full Detailing

Coupe: $550.00
Sedan: $600.00
Small SUV: $650.00
Large SUV: $700.00

Our Exterior Detail starts with a hand wash (undercarriage included) followed by hand drying. We follow this step with a light paint enhancement with a polisher to bring out a mirror like finish, remove minor scratches, and swirl marks. Next we’ll treat the paint with a wax to protect the exterior of your vehicle. Tires and wheels will be cleaned and dressed, and finishing the Exterior Detail we’ll treat all exterior chrome and trim

Coupe: $300.00
Sedan: $325.00
Small SUV: $350.00
Large SUV: $375.00