Thanks to the pros at Rapid Clean Car Wash, taking care of your vehicle has never been easier.

Our car wash in Bozeman, MT is home to one of the most trusted auto detailing centers in the area. When the interior of your car needs some TLC, you can depend on us to help.

Call us at 406-404-0204 or stop by our car wash today to learn more about our interior car detailing services.

Discover more about our detailing process

Many drivers in the Bozeman, MT area choose Rapid Clean Car Wash for interior car detailing services. You should, too. There is no vehicle too dirty for us to clean. You can trust us to:

  • Vacuum and shampoo your carpets
  • Steam clean and condition your floor mats
  • Treat your seats with cleaner
  • Sanitize and polish surfaces

There is no better time than now to detail your car. Contact us today for more details about our auto detailing services.

An interior detail is a in-depth cleaning of the inside of your vehicle. Well spend about 2-6 hours depending on the needs of the vehicle. This includes everything from vacuuming the interior (including the cargo area), shampooing carpet/upholstery, all compartments/cup holders, vent cleaning, floor mat cleaning, clean and condition all vinyls (dash, doors, trims, etc.), and all windows are cleaned inside and out.

Whether they are leather or upholstery seats we can clean them. Leather seats will get cleaned and conditioned, and upholstery seats will get hot water extracted and cleaned.

O-Zone help with sanitation and odor removal for the interior of the vehicle. The O-Zone runs for no less than 4 hours and can run for as long as needed. When the O-Zone has finished running the vehicle has to air out one hour more than the run time.

4 Hour O-Zone: $50.00
8 Hours or Longer: $80.00

1 Hour: $75.00
2 Hour: $150.00

Coupe: $300.00
Sedan: $325.00
Small SUV: $350.00
Large SUV: $375.00